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best news- Recently, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau welcomed US President Donald Trump to Moscow on Monday but refused to allow Russia to attend a G7 summit.

Russia dropped out of the G7 after invading Crimea a few years ago, Trudeau told reporters.

He added that it is a constant disrespect and disregard for international rules and standards and why it is outside the G7 and will continue to be so.

On Saturday, Donald Trump quoted German Chancellor Angela Merkel as saying he was not coming, citing the Coronavirus epidemic.

Trump said he could try again in September this year, and invite other countries, including Russia, to attend the meeting.

Donald Trump further said I don’t think that as G7 it accurately represents what is happening in the world. This is a very old group of countries, Trump said.

He said he would like to invite Russia, Australia, South Korea, and India to attend the summit, which will be held in the autumn.

On Monday, the Kremlin said Trump had summoned Russian President Vladimir Putin and discussed his plans to reschedule the G7 "at the possible invitation of leaders from Russia, Australia, India, and South Korea."

Trudeau reportedly flatly rejected that expectation.

Russia was expelled from what was formerly the G8 in 2014 after invading and occupying Crimea from Ukraine and declaring it part of Russian territory.

source: AFP

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