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best news- Exiled by tourists, a hotel in Vienna transforms itself into an outdoor concert hall and transforms itself into a temporary one night.

The guest bedrooms that stood empty during the horrific coronavirus lockdown were converted into opera boxes for the evening, and the hotel courtyard was reportedly turned into a stage to create a rare moment in the music city on Saturday.

Monica Medek performed for the guests during the 'Window Concert' at the Vienna Hotel and the cameraman was the Carnantham Orchestra.

The two were opera singers and a string costume was reportedly invited to play at the Hotel Zitzist.

It is learned that when they performed in the backyard, visitors could see through the windows of 40 or more houses they had rented for the evening.

And they were allowed to applaud the head of the Texidoid conductor and the head of his elegant soprano Monica Medek.

                                                 image: collected AFP / JOE KLAMAR

It is also known that the guests of Hotel Zitzist listen to singers and orchestras from their rooms.

Hotel director Andreas Perchar told AFP that bookings for the window concert had been sold out within three days.

Purtscher said the main purpose of the concert was to give artists the opportunity to perform again and to help people come out, to find a sense of normalcy in communicating with others.

Purtscher thought that this would remove some of the fears associated with the period of restriction.

There were a lot of spectators around the rented rooms for that performance.

- More concerts are planned -

Since mid-April, Austria has lifted a number of sanctions to fight the spread of the new coronavirus, but cultural life is still reported to be stalled due to the ban on gatherings of hundreds of people.

Parts added that for artists, job opportunities disappear overnight.

                                           image: collected AFP / JOE KLAMAR

Purtscher plans to hold at least three more window concerts before August this year.

Purtscher added that he, for at least a year, before the sector returned to normal activity. Expecting this difficult time to last.

source: AFP

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